Vespa GTS 300 Super Tech Limited Edition Ready to enliven the Vespa market

Vespa Sprint Notte has just been launched to enliven the premium scooter market. With a limited number of units, the Vespa Notte 150 by appearing increasingly haunted because of the all-black. But to note, the Vespa Notte Special edition consists of 2 versions, namely the Vespa Sprint 150 i-Get ABS Notte Edition and the Vespa GTS Super 300 ABS Notte Edition, both of these units were already launched in Thailand last December.

Notte’s name is derived from Italian, meaning night, and Marco reveals a black color is covering over the whole vespa notte represents premiumization of Vespa with a combination of glossies and matte.

Vespa Notte Edition is one of 18 new models sold in several markets

Vespa dealers. The presence was a manifestation of the way to provide answers to consumers. Vespa trends are not merely conventional fare. The vespa may also stand out as different from trying to make a bold appearance, but still elegant and fashionable, what kind of technology does a vespa GTS 300 super tech 2019 have? Let’s look at the review

1. Retro but modern design

Despite its design of a retro vespa, many of the modern features on the scooter. For example, the lights are fully led like the primavera and the newest sprint. There’s yellow detail on the tie and side bodi, as different than any other GTS. It’s a body that’s large and metallic, most typically vespa.

2. The strongest engine of the vespa

Continued on its large engine capacity, translucent 278.3 cc. This generation of HPE (High-Performance Engine), has a 4-valve liquid cooling spec. The Power translucent 23.46 DK/8,250 rpm, with a torque of 26 Nm/5,250 rpm. Also, there is an ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) traction control, as well as a dual channel ABS brake a.k.a. front rear.

3. Advanced features

Sophisticated Vespa GTS 309 Super Tech, can be seen from the convenience enhancer feature. Like Vespa MIA Connectivity, which can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. So, the fully digital instrument panel can show navigation information, telephone, and incoming messages, to music settings. The FOB Remote also features a Bike Finder, an automatic seat opener to the immobilizer. Wheels motorcycles sell Vespa GTS 300 Super Tech for £ 5199. Available in Gray Avio gray and Nero Vulcano black.

Well, that’s the review of the Vespa GTS 300 Super Tech scooter. Hopefully, the reviews above will give you information.

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