Reason of choosing ballet for toddlers

The term “classical dance” is used by the entire ballet world, denoting a certain kind of choreographic plastics.

Classical dance is the basis of choreography. In this lesson subtleties of ballet art are comprehended. This is a great harmony of combining movements with classical music.

The indispensable conditions of classical dance: foot turn, big dance step, flexibility, stability, rotation, easy high jump, free and plastic hands, clear coordination of movements, endurance and strength.

The main principle of classical dance is the turn-out, on the basis of which the concept of closed and open, crossed and not crossed positions and poses, as well as outward movements and inwards. Separation into elements, systematization and selection of movements served as the basis for the school of classical dance. She studies groups of movements united by common characteristics for each group: a group of rotations, a group of squats, a group of positions of the body and others.

Classical dance lesson

Why do toddlers need ballet dance?

In the current variety of styles and directions of choreography in ballet for toddlers, it is not always easy to determine which of them will become your most direct language of feelings. As a rule, I want to express the most secret movements of the soul in different lexical interpretations, the elementary skills of “dancing” and owning one’s body, even with a good teacher, rich in dance vocabulary, is not enough, and we dance what we get.

It would seem that toddlers are learning a new “modern” why they need to learn what was before us, but all innovations in essence, are both deeply and subtly connected with traditions. It must be remembered that all new trends are nothing but a synthesis of the choreographic heritage of different times and peoples of the past. Everything new is of course great, but one should not lose what is called “the power of the Soviet choreographic school”, but one should know in the same way as the alphabet without which the art of choreography is impossible. You should insure yourself against inevitable losses and losses, which become more important over the years. Abroad, they pay a colossal amount of money to study ballet school in Singapore. They do not waste time in vain, they do not miss a single opportunity and take off everything that can be seen: lessons, rehearsals, performances, and often act uneconomically, lightly, do not value those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they possess

You cannot be very upset by some indifference, sometimes even disdainful attitude of young people towards the classics, underestimation of it as a colossal factor in the formation of the personality of the dancer, in the growth of his professional skills. The most important thing for them is tricks, that they use for toddlers but the style is made up of small connecting movements, they make dance and dance, give it a unique aesthetic flavor.

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