I Think Vinyl is Best

For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me a secret seven vinyl record. I didnt’ understand why he gave it to me, especially since I didn’t have anything to play it on. I barely even bought CDs at that point, and he just decided to give a music format without a way to play it. The local store had a cheap record player, so I bought one of those and played my new record. The music was pretty good, and I actually liked seeing the vinyl record move around while the music was playing. It was a little hypnotic in the way that it spun. There’s a music store near my house that still has vinyl records, so I went there to buy some old and new ones.

There were more people at the store buying vinyl records than I realized. I thought there would be an older person or two checking out the vinyl section, but there were a lot of people my age who were digging through it. I guess what once was seen as old is now cool again. That usually happens with some things, but I didn’t really see it happening with records, unless it was with DJs who spin on turn tables at parties and clubs. I wonder if things like the 8 track player will make a comeback. I doubt it, but there’s probably someone out there who is dreaming of it.

When I got back home with the records that I bought from the music store, I started playing them one by one. I spent hours just listening to the music, and forgot to eat. I just went to bed while listening to all of the songs. I didn’t even care that I had to spin them all on the record player.

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