Ballet for Toddlers: A classic way to see your little one dancing


Welcome to the world of ballet for toddlers, a cozy dance and ballet school for children and adults. Where ballet, dance and fun are paramount! Playfully dance together and move to music, fun, educational and healthy.

Cecchetti Method

The classical lessons are given according to the Cecchetti Method. This is a specially developed curriculum for amateurs and professional students. The lessons are suitable for anyone who wants to dance with pleasure and also wants to learn something. There is the possibility to do a ball exam, in which examiners from the Cecchetti Society come to the school and take the exams. The candidates receive a report and a diploma, comparable to a swimming diploma.

Located in all around the world

If you search through net properly, you will found there are numerous dancing academies who offer ballet dancing courses for toddlers. So if you are passionate about it and want your child to do ballet then find the nearest dance academy and make visit with your child.

 Register for a trial lesson? (Free and free)

There are some dance academies who offers trial lesson for toddlers. Through this they try to create interest among the youngsters and prepare them for the next step. You can fill up the application form available on the online sites of such dance academies and apply for the trial course.

Toddler Dance

The toddler dance course is for the smallest boys and girls, from 2½ to 4 years. From a story, toddlers move and they are stimulated to live. In this way they discover new movements and become involved in the lesson. Every new story also includes matching music to go all the way because all new things can be a bit scary. Toddler dance is an introduction to the world of ballet, meant for children from 2½ years. The lessons are focused on learning the principles of ballet in a playful manner, stimulating motor skills, coordination and imagination. But especially important is learning to move to music with pleasure!

Kindergarten Dance

In the lessons of toddler dance, for children aged 4 and 5 years, in a playful way starts with the learning of the basic positions and the specific movements of the classical ballet. Among other things, attention is paid to correct posture, but of course there is also time for games and improvisation in which musicality, a sense of dance and creativity are stimulated.

Classic Ballet

Classical ballet lessons are intended for children aged 6 years old. During classes, attention is paid to rhythm, coordination and body posture and work is being done on strength, agility and improvisation.All in all a good preparation for all forms of dance, both classical ballet and street dance , where fun is of course paramount!

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