4 Reasons You Should Sign Up For a Dance Class

There’s something about moving your body to the sound of music that makes you feel like you’ve got nothing to worry about. Combining the expression of sound with movement can be not only beneficial physically but also mentally.

Yet, some people who have never tried it before may not realize all of the benefits that dance can provide. Whether you’re nervous about trying something new or unsure about whether you’ll be embarrassed or not, it’s time to throw your hesitations out the window.  Here are five reasons why should consider signing up for a dance class. 

It Boosts Your Hearth Health

Even though dancing may be considered a fun activity, it’s also a form of exercise. If you do it enough, your heart will start to thank you for it. Getting your heart rate up enough from dancing is the equivalent of running on the treadmill or doing an aerobics class. 

If you sign up for a dance class and attend at least once a week, you could be burning up to 1000 calories! If you multiply that times several times a month, it’s easy to see why it’s a great form of exercise!

Improved Core

One of the most important aspects of having a balanced body is having a strong core. Your core provides strength and the ability to find your center. Dance is one of the best ways to strengthen your core because it works your core constantly. 

Dancing incorporates your body in all directions, unlike some workouts that only work one part of it. As a result, you won’t just increase your overall body strength, but also your balance. 

Increased Mental Performance 

Research shows that when you get your heart rate up high enough so that you can’t talk comfortably, your brain functions better. According to some studies, the area of the brain that controls your memory is triggered when you do an exercise like dancing.

Dance also requires you to remember choreography. Your brain will be challenged to keep up with the memorization of patterns and moves in relation to the music. As you get older, exercises like dancing can be one of the best ways to keep your memory in top form. Since cognitive performance can start to slow down the older that you get, activities like dancing can be a gift for your overall health.

Emotionally Fulfilling 

Dancing is a form of self-expression. If you’re really enjoying yourself, some people even experience drug-like symptoms. It can be euphoric to move your body to the rhythm of music that excites you.  

In addition to being a great solo activity, it’s also a great way to be social! 

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